February 2009

First of all, an update on my actual project. The workbench is looking good.

And second, I received some plastic stuff from ebay. Stuff I can´t get here in Buenos Aires because, well, we suck. And since I was ordering abroad, I might as well buy some good products.

First thing is some Roman auxiliary infantry. I can finally finish my EIR DBA army. I´ll probably expand it just to use these marvelous Zvezda figures.

And then, I have two enemies of Egypt coming along. It is almost impossible here to get any kind of biblical or somesuch stuff. So I decided to get two enemy armies in one strike. Some Sea Peoples, both Hat and Caesar, and some excellent Caesar Hittites. The light chariots for the Hittites and the chariots for the Sea Peoples can be made with the Nexus Egyptian cavalry set I can get here (at least I hope I can get another set).

And remember. Always plan your plastic purchases looking at Plastic Soldier Review.

Here are some pics of stuff I painted “out of the workbench”. This is the Epic stuff I painted so far. I think I will make this the main project for 09. I love 40K fluff and figures, and I love 6mm. I will soon post some fluff, rules stuff and create a gallery for these guys.

And here are 5 more of the awesome 25mm paper buildings I am building just to get my head off the workbench project. These five are the Old Temple tavern, the Piety tower, the Roadside shrine, the Rooster house and the Swine house. Sorry for the pics. I now have my good camera back.

Still getting the workbench cleaned. I just finished painting some counters for Victory at Sea and 6 Epic SM Rhinos. I am finishing 3 Carthaginian elephants and 3 28mm Spartan warriors I need for some roleplaying. I will post pics of all of this when I get my camera back 🙂

I also received figures from an awesome trade, from Ireland. More and more I´m convinced that the trust and commitment level of some online communities is the best part of the hobby. Nothing beats getting figures from someone who can´t or won´t use them, and send him your extra figures or the occasional failed project that got you so excited once. You get OOP figures or just plain cheap stuff, without paying no third party and spending only on shipping.

The trade included a huge (and I mean huge) number of Epic figures. Space Marines infantry and vehicles, some robots (these are so cool), some Imperial Guard infantry and bikes, and some Chaos stuff. Also a Tyranid something I still don´t know what it is just as extra.

Pics of this stuff soon. I have a busy week (In Flames concert tonight!!!) and my camera is someplace else.

And colonials, because that´s what the title says. I just read THW´s Colonial Adventures. A ruleset I wasn´t that interested in but took advantage of the sale they have this month. The rules are simply amazing. Simple, elegant, playable solo, full of flavor. They are quite unique in the THW universe, and definitely get me going for when I finish cleaning the workbench. Oh, you didn´t know? I have about 30 painted Zulus. I just need about 30 more and some Europeans 😛

I love wargaming blogs. In the wargaming world not much ever changes. It´s a very solid and old fashioned hobby. However these last few years some stuff has been changing the way we play and talk about wargames. Blogs are one of them.

I have been wargaming for a relatively short time. I am 27 and started at 18 or 19. It´s really nothing compared to most historical wargamers I know (the ones that stick with it at least). But popular use of blogs, and the evolution of the digital camera are some things I got to see in my “wargaming career”.

I don´t have a links section in this blog. Mainly because it´s tought out as a website rather than a journal. Sometimes I update regularly, sometimes I don´t. And blogs, specially in the beginning, tended to be abandoned alarmingly often. Half of your links would be dead in six months.

However, I´ll link to some blogs here in this post. These are some of the blogs I read, and have the stuff that I enjoy most.

  • Casual wargaming topics. Just stuff you would talk about with a gamer friend.
  • Reports from wargaming clubs, with games played and pictures.
  • Info on several topics and eras, some in the same blog.
  • Pictures of unpainted figures that just came in the mail or on the painting table.
  • Pics of painted figures on the tabletop.
  • Pics of the actual people playing the game. I love to see general pics that are not just diorama-like.
  • Pics of games being played with all the stuff attached to it. Dice, rulers, markers, chits, the odd drink left on the table, etc.
  • General pics of wargaming events, not just the tables or the figures.

That´s some stuff I like, and you can see I do some of that in this blog.

So, here are some links for you to enjoy:












Since all my efforts are put on cleaning the workbench, I am resisting the urge to make some scenery. It´s just that because of the workbench cleaning I´m finishing small projects that need to be played, and I need scenery for that.

However, a few days ago I came across these magnificent paper buildings. Go half way down the page for them. I´m pretty sure they are even better than some of the stuff for sale in pdf. And these are free!!

Ok, so the theme is pretty limited. But the sheer amount of different buildings makes a gaming table come alive in a flash. And you can make as many of each as you want.

So I went to my local graphics store and printed four, just random buildings. Each costed me less than 3 US bucks. And they look absolutely stunning. I can see a whole table filled with these for some fantasy skirmish with the excellent Song of Blades and Heroes rules.

Here you have the bakery, the butcher´s shop, the Blackbirds Lodge, and the Bertholdt Residence.

In other news, I have finished 5 tyranid termagaunts. These are important because they are the first ´nids I ever painted and are the ones I was experimenting with for the color scheme. I wanted something both contrasting and easy, so I could paint big numbers in little time. In fact, the spore bombs on the tyranid gallery were painted after I began with these. I have five more of these and will base them all together. The workbench is getting some air finally.

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