So, I´m still in a 40K mood. It has hit me just like that first time, two editions ago. In fact I went and bought the awesome Black Reach box with the wonderful figures.

So, the crazy ass projects list for 2009 has been updated. I will try to make about 6 armies for the game. Maybe 1500 points (or thereabouts) so I can paint some nice units. I might even get a game in the meantime.

The selected armies are as follows. Marines, of course. I probably already have more than 1500 painted points. But I will create a formal army now, I´m sure there´s some Rhino or Speeder out there that needs paint. The next two armies are those that came with the boxed sets I bought this year, Tyranids and Orks. I can´t wait to get more figures for those. The rest, I think, will be Necrons, Daemonhunters and my absolute first love from the 3e box set, Dark Eldar. I might change that for Eldar, but I don´t know for sure yet.

If you are waiting for some historical content, well, I always have ongoing projects, so I will keep on painting that. But right now, I´m a 40K whore!