In my Epic fever I had a few eBay purchases made, specially for infantry. I´ve got two good news and one bad.

I won a very cheap auction with about 60 tactical marines, about ten rhinos, a command stand, a terminator stand and a few old model land raiders.

On another auction for 200 tactical marines my bids were cancelled because the seller wouldn´t ship to south america. It seems we little animals from down here do not deserve the joys of wargaming, even though the auction did say it shipped internationally.

That´s one good and one bad. The last good news is that it looks like the seller who cancelled my bids will probably get a lot less money for the figures (I was winning the bid). I know it´s kind of lame, but I´m a little amused 🙂

Oh yeah, just to update, I´m finishing painting lots and lots of marines and will probably leave the orks unpainted till next year. But I will probably play a lot of games in between with the painted marines against the unpainted masses.