I said earlier about my new found love with Epic Armageddon.

The thing is some months ago I bought a messed up Epic boxed set. It had almost all of the Ork figures, but not all of the Marines. It has rulebooks, some counters and tokes and cards. It had some extras though, like an Ork Gargant which is a separate set altogether.

Before that I received a complete Squats box set from a trade with someone from abroad. They look really good and the army has lots of figures. This also included some extras, like some Tyranids figures and machines.

I am painting the Marines, like I said before, and I love the new rules. Epic Armageddon is a fine set of rules. But today I was checking the three little rulebooks that came with the big boxed set, and they are full of ideas. Due to my basing system I have to make some minor amendments to the Armageddon rules. I will try and post them here as an article once I get a few games under the belt. I also developed little mechanics to make solo gaming more enjoyable, and I think Epic lends itself to this well. But I was really surprised today while going through the old rulebooks.

First of all, the rules have changed drastically. They are really different. Epic has somewhat of and old school flavor with it´s clear differentiation between organization charts and tournament army lists. The tournament lists are what is now the standard method for all GW games. Limited lists with points and clear organization. However in Epic this is just one way to play, and not really the most interesting. There are lots of notes and paragraphs telling you how to write interesting scenarios, how to create the forces, and how important is to let go and forget about point totals and such. Just get some figures on the table, make a nice backstory for the battle, improvise some interesting scenario specific special rules (most fun part) and roll the dice.

I really like that, and you can see it in the free Armageddon rulebook that´s available on GW´s site. But these old rulebooks have so much more ideas. Rules for random objectives, changing morale through the battle, and tons of scenarios with and without specific forces.

You get the feeling you are getting into the setting, and not into a game system waiting to be exploited. And that´s what I plan to do.

I´m completing my first Marines company, from a chapter I created (this will also be in this site soon). Once I finish that I´ll put together some Ork warbands, hopefully right on time before going to the country for the holidays. Epic´s nature (size-wise) will let me pack two forces, dice, some scenery and accessories in a small bag, giving me some quality 41st Century warfare in the middle of the Pampa.