I´m having a blast making my Epic Armageddon Space Marine army.

The rules are so cool. Just reading them is fun. It´s the way I really want to play 40K. They are elegant, streamline and quite simple.

I am building a SM army, and because I have a rather chaotic collection I haven´t got lots of infantry. This made me rethink the basing for the game. I don´t like those strip bases where the minis align as if they were romans. And I want the mass effect, so I want big bases with lots of figures.

That´s why I´m basing the stuff in 40mm round bases. These bases are perfect for many figures and games, and I like them. And because I have small numbers of infantry, I treat each base as two units for the game. In each base I put 6 marines or so (assault marines are 5 per base). It can also fit most of the tanks, and 3 bikes or such vehicles. It lets me put the models any way I want and there´s place to create small scenery in the bases. It looks so cool.

I am looking for more infantry all the time so maybe someday I´ll have some more figures, and that won´t be a problem. Maybe in the future I will decide each base is only one infantry, and the game would play exactly the same.

I just painted about 9 bases of tactical marines, a few rhino transports, and three special character figures for the Supreme Commander unit. I will post pictures once I finish basing them which is as much fun as actually painting them. In fact, the commander base includes a little extra. Like an Inquisitor model. You´ll see.