I was talking earlier about some poor misplaced Rohan plastic riders. Well, I found them and they were OK… kind of…

These are the one who had it tougher. One of the figures had the javelin broken in half. This was easy. I found some spear, cut it to size, drilled the rider´s hand and voilá.

The other one however was missing his whole hand! The hand and the bow was gone. And bows I surely have in my bits box somewhere, but a bow with a hand was trickier. I started looking around and found a Mordheim plastic sprue. In the human sprue there were several weapons and stuff, and there was an arm holding a bow. Lucky me. I´ll be honest now and say the hand is a tad bigger than it should, but the bow is perfect and gluing plastic with plastic is as good as you can get for an emergency conversion.

So, now I can paint the twelve riders and finish yet another half started project.