What do you know? I just finished painting and basing 12 Rohan horses, plastics from the Two Towers boxed set. I had them half started, like those Athenians. I´m in that mood where I need to finish all those poor half worked figures. Now I need to find the riders and paint them. However the horses do count towards my Paint Points (remember, mounted figures are 2 PPs) so I completed my monthly 50 PP quota, and still have ten days till the end of the month. Guess I´ll finish the riders and 8 French dragoons before the month ends, and I´m a happy man. Galleries coming soon.

On another subject, I have found an amazing site for an Irish wargames club. I joined them from the distance, since there is no such thing here. You should definetly check the Showcase section. The games they put and figures they paint are simple AMAZING. Newbridge Gaming Club.