I have found a box with several plastic 20mm greek hoplites. In fact, the box had the figures for a DBA Athenian army. Eleven elements of spear and one of psiloi. The fact that I attached them to some bases, painted the metal parts and completely forgot about the speaks a lot about my organization skills.

Well, I rescued them. I attached some spears that do not come with the boxed set. They are plastic hairs from a brush. They are so excellent I fell in love with them. First of all, they must be about the only weapons in scale with the figure in my whole collection. I can cut them any lenght I want, so I can make some 4 meters pikes for the macedonian army. Something impossible in metal unless you make your own pikes. Also, they attach so well that are impossible to fall apart. The plastic from the spears and the figure melt together. And they are flexible. This means they won´t break, and they won´t hurt my fingers when packing them. Pure joy.

Here´s a pic of the work in progress. Just finished painting the leather armors and some other details. That´s about half the army, the rest is in the box.

Also, I have added a small box on the right menu to put the Paint Points I have done in the month so far. Every update will have the new number. Like I said elsewhere, I´m aiming at 50 PPs per month.