Well, here´s the first dispatch for the project.

I decided to start with one of the most colorful units, the Vistula lancers. I painted 8 models, half of the unit, saving the other half for later. This way I don´t get sick of the minis by painting too many together.

I decided to start with mounted figures because it´s been a while since I painted horses, and they are quite impressive. It´s a good morale boost to see them finished. This makes 16 Paint Points for October as of now.

Here´s a pic of the unit after I finished. I will get better images when they are based on the special gallery for the project.

In other news, I´ve painted some of the republican roman 30mm minis from Andrea miniatures. They will get their own gallery soon. I´m also writing my own set of procedures and microsystems for solo wargaming. I finally accepted I´m a solo wargamer. I paint both armies almost everytime, I base them as I please, and there´s noone remotely interested in the many periods I´m into. Buenos Aires is a lonely town for historical gamers.