Welcome to my new project. It´s called Peninsular French Project (PFP for short), and it´s the creation of a French napoleonic army for the Peninsular War. This first dispatch will display the objectives and the procedures for (hopefully) completing the task.

I already have the whole army. The figures are a selection of makers, and the organization was determined with a few knowleadgeable fellows.

I will use a Paint Points system to keep up the work. This system was introduced by Phil Olley in Battlegames magazine #2. It´s a simple system to maintain the painting rate up.

The objective is to do 50 Paint Points per month for this project alone. A PP is the painting of a single figure. A mounted figure is 2 PPs. Since I have artillery, I decided a cannon is worth 4 PPs and the limber are 2 PPs each. Pretty simple, huh?

I will do some updates on the project. Each post will have a dispatch number. After that, if I do finish the whole thing, I will create an article post with my thoughts and links to all the dispatchs, and of course a gallery post with all the minis pictures.

The army consists of the following figures:

A regiment of 16 Polish Vistula lancers with a colonel.
A reg. of 16 dragoons.
A reg. of 16 chasseurs a cheval.
A reg. of 48 Polish Vistula infantry with colonel.
A reg. of 48 Westphalia infantry with colonel.
A French light reg. of 48 figures with colonel.
A French line reg. of 48 figures with colonel.
2 8pdr. cannons with crew for the foot artillery and limber with horses and crew.
2 6pdr. cannons with crew for the horse artillery and limber with horses and crew.
1 commander.
1 division commander.
1 marshall.

Total figures: 289
Total Paint Points: 354

This means that if I do my work, I can have this army in fighting condition in 7 months, give or take.