So, to the various projects on the table, I now add Victory at Sea.

Today arrived from Texas an ebay package I was anxiously awaiting. It´s always a noble act to grab on ebay the failed projects of the fellow wargamer and free him of the weight of having yet another impossible army on the painting table.

This time I got quite some goodies, all from a seller who obviously never got to compromise with the WW2 naval aspect of the hobby. Let´s hope he can finally paint that TYW army or those Battlelore figures now that this ships are off of his back.

The box was carrying these:

Seven GHQ Micronauts packs with Russian and German ships in 1/2400 scale. Detail on these is breathtaking.

Six Panzerschiffe resin ships (Italian and Russian) and three subs.

A painted GHQ Russian battleship.

The Victory at Sea rulebook with countersheets.

A Painter´s Guide to WW2 naval camouflage by Clash of Arms (this alone is $20)

And to make it a deal, about fifty printouts from Signs & Portents with the Russian fleet, some rules and scenarios.

And all this for just $40. Yeah, that´s right. Quite a way to get into WW2 naval wargaming.