June 2008

So, I had my first shot at painting some Epic 40K figures. I have marines, orks, squats, some eldar, some chaos, and some imperial guard. Yeah, I have never even tried to paint them before. Lame.

This is my first attempt. I´m putting together a tactical detachment with transport. You can see my basing includes 3 figures in a 25mm round base, and vehicles in 40mm round bases. I´m going to attempt to do small diorama scenes for the bases, specially vehicles.

Remember, this bastards are 6mm tall.

Well, all galleries have been updated except for 28mm Celts, Warhammer Wood Elves and Warmaster High Elves. I would like to take new pics of those armies, and that´s why they remain empty.

I will keep updating galleries as new minis are painted, and will also create new ones. Every new gallery will have its link on the right panel.