This was my first army ever. Before getting into historical wargaming (although technically I started painting samurais) I painted some undead figures just because I liked them. Then I started building this army brick by brick and fell in love with it. The army that never ran away, that never succumbed to fear or panic from it´s enemies (at least in 6th ed.) And a hell lotta undead models. You will see in this page that I love old GW´s figures, specially zombies.

This is the Blood Dragon Vampire mounting a Winged Nightmare. A beautiful model, though the vamp is a little over the top for my taste. Then again I prefer those Lugosi-like Von Carstein. Yeah, I do know how hard this boy hits 🙂
The cool dead guy on the base? I have no idea where I got him…

Here´s one of the Von Carstein vampires. Their simplicity suits my idea of vampires. They always seem the less dangerous, but their powers give them the magic, punch and speed that a balanced force need.

This here is the Wight Lord mounting a Nightmare. He´s the top dog of all those Black Knights. If you ever played WFB against Vamps you must hate them. His horse is pretty much the nicest amongst those horrible bone horses.

They are the finest of the lowest. They are raised to lead. They are the skeleton captains!!
You can see I really like old GW´s models.

And the captains lead hordes of… well, this guys.
They are a dread to transport. They keep falling apart, damn multipart models.

This are Ghouls. They are excellent skirmisher troops and I like them so much I have painted 17 of them. Some of the paintjobs are recent, but you see I keep the hideous “basing scheme” for unity´s sake. The champion of the unit is actually a Blood Bowl ghoul. Pretty cool mini.