As many wargamers, I chose SM and created a chapter of my own. I am yet to get a decent name and fluff for them, but the color scheme is complete and quite a simple one it is. Black and red are never wrong, and with some details like the golden right hand, emblem and Lambda symbol on the shoulder pad, I think it has some character.

The Librarian. He´s a fine piece of metal, and one of those intimidating GW´s figures. But once you´ve got a solid color scheme, you can bring it to life. One piece of metal, enough character to make it unique, and not so much as to make it a mess. Great mini.

A captain. I knew my color scheme was cool when I finally painted this guy. He´s from the Black Reach box set.

A captain in terminator armor.

This is the first squad I painted. Ten models going through lots of colour schemes and finally coming together. At first I wanted some kind of urban camo scheme, but I like the fantasy flavor behind WH40K, so I just went for something more colorful and neat. Here you have your regular bolter marines with a couple of heavy weapons (missile launcher and flame-thrower), and an officer. The officer should always carry a sword and a stardard. That´s what 40K is all about. About showing off!
Ok, so I´m a painter and not a gamer here, and I still think I should get him a decent flag.
They are all from the 3rd edition box, but notice the two stiff 2nd ed. marines. Can you spot them? They came in three parts: body, backpack, and bolter with hand. Ugly kids for sure.

And this is the second squad. I used this five guys as escort for my Librarian on the first few games I played. They have a melta gun and a heavy bolter. The heavy weapon is actually a scout weapon, so I changed the position of the arm, filed off the scout´s hand and voilá. An original heavy bolter marine 🙂

Another 5 men squad (I call them squad, but they are just grunts to combine with the other regular marines). This guys are from the Black Reach box set.

This are some scouts. I had them for ages and never painted them. Somehow I thought they would be difficult. And they are, compared to marines at least. I tried to keep the color scheme without making them look ridiculous. They have a leader, a heavy bolter, two snipers with camo cloaks (I really like those) an a bolter scout.

A 6 man assauld squad with a sarge. Cool cool models.

Terminators. These guys are from the Black Reach box set.

Dreadnoughts. Painted both together to give them a unified look. It was tiresome.

Here´s a land speeder. It´s the model that came with the 3rd edition box set. I painted it about 6 years after putting it together.

And these are some bits from the Macragge box set. The poles are supposed to be a force field, and the other thingy is part of the crashed ship that comes with the set.