The only thing I didn´t like about WEG´s Star Wars Miniature Battles line of minis is the abundance of characters and not enough regular troops. Still, lots of conversions can be made. And I will be showcasing all of it here.

Leia in her white robe. Too bad she doesn´t have any kind of gun. Though she looks perfect for a blue “holographic” paintjob put next to a Kenner R2 figure… mmm, sounds cool.

3CPO in his trademark pose. He just needs an R2 unit under his hand.

Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper disguise. Lousy mini, great addition.

This is a rebel troop. Pretty nice.

Admiral Ackbar. A very lifeless pose, but pretty trademark too, so I guess it´s ok.

Troopers. Lots of Stormtroopers. And not nearly enough to play a decent battle. But I´m getting there.

And here you have Bossk. One of my favourite bounty hunters and a great miniature!

She is a Twi´lek, and she is dancing.

This is Momaw Nadon, or “Hammerhead,”
He´s an ithorian and the first SW mini I painted. He was used as my character for the SWRPG (Baforr Bakolah, he was a Force student)