I love Mordheim and haven´t played it enough. It´s one of those games where you can convert the minis and collect different warbands till you end up with a hundred different minis. The reason you started playing being “the skirmish game with 10 or so models.”
And Witch Hunters are about the coolest looking models of all the Mordheim range.

This is the Witch Hunter Captain. I spent quite some time painting it because I think it´s one of the best minis GW ever made.

This is the Sigmarite Warrior Priest and the first of them I painted. Great mini too.

This is a Witch Hunter. He´s carrying a crossbow and it´s one of the nicest minis of the range. In fact I am not very pleased with the paintjob. It could have been a lot better.

This is one of the Zealots. I swaped his mace and put on a very big Sisters of Sigmar hammerhead on the club´s pole. I think that it ended looking real nice, in a wicked, violent way.

This are the Flagellants. They are nice and easy to paint models. Very dynamic poses too.