This is the army so far. It´s based on the original army list found in the Warhammer Ancient Battles rulebook.

This is the General on horseback. I think it´s a really old Essex figure. The cloak is marvelous, and the yellowish white horse was quite a challenge to paint.

Army standard bearer on foot. The standard is from another figure and quite higher than the one that came with the mini.

This is the Tribune. A Junior Officer.

This are six auxiliary archers.

This is the Cohortes Pedites, or auxiliary infantry with spears. Every shield in the army is hand painted. It has a standard bearer.

This is a unit of 12 regular legionnaires with sword and command group. Of course, the handles of the sword in their hips were filed off.

This is the veteran legionnaires unit made of 16 figures with pilum and command group.

This is the Scorpio, a light bolt thrower. I really wanted to add flavor to such a small model, therefore the detailed base.

The Tormenta, a small stone thrower.