This army is based for DBA: New Kingdom Egyptians (I/22b).

This is the army. It´s completely made out of Nexus´ Egyptian Infantry and Egyptian Cavalry sets. They are Atlantic reissues and, not only they are beautiful models but also enough for a great army with chariot runners and everything. I am aware of the poorly made (and researched) chariot wheels, but they are beautiful models nevertheless.

This is the General on light chariot. There isn´t much to say about this army. No conversions needed. The Cavalry set has 6 chariots and that means you have two extra ones (whose wheels I used for my Britons army) (LCh/Gen)

This are the other three light chariots (LCh)

The three blades elements are gorgeous. Lovely models. (4Bd)

For the 3 bow elements you´ll have to work it out a little bit, specially if you want to save models for the chariots. I know this models are the weakest of the sets, but weird poses aren´t that bad. (4Bw)

The warband element really needed to be different from the blades. (3Wb)

And the skirmishers were also in need of bows. I completely ran out of archers. (2Ps)