This army is based for DBA: Early Imperial Roman (II/56).

This is the General element. They are Esci figures from the Roman Legion box set, except the one with the pilum. He´s Italeri, from their Roman Cavalry set. (4Bd Gen)

This are the four legionnaires bases. The first two elements are from Hat. The other two are from Esci. They mix excellently in the army but due to the obvious differences in style I do not mix the figures in the same base. (4x4Bd)

These are some eastern archers.

And this is the scorpio, the artillery element. The piece and three of the troops are from the excellent Hat Roman Catapults set which has four of these babies, some auxiliary troops for the republican era and standards and flags.
The other troop, the one looking far away is from the Esci set. The same figure is holding his shield over his head on one of the legionnaires bases. Here I put the shield on his right hand and moved his other hand a little bit over his forehead to make him look like he´s covering the sun from his eyes. (Art)