This army is based for DBA: Ancient Britons (II/53).

This is the army. You can see I created the General option for there are thirteen elements.

This is the General on foot option. The figures with shield are from the Celtic Cavalry box from Italeri. The other two are from Hat´s Ancient Britons box (which is an Airfix´s reissue). (3Wb/Gen)

And this is the General on chariot. The whole model is from Hat except for the dead roman figure. The driver on the pole is actually a wounded celt figure who had an arrow on his side. I wanted to create the effect that he´s running along the pole, don´t know if I actually acomplished it. The roman is from Hat´s Romans box which is also an Airfix reissue. (LCh/Gen)

This next chariot is from the Hat box and was the first one I painted. Nothing special about it. This is what they are supposed to look like when assembled. (LCh)

Now, the Hat set only had two chariots, and I had more than enough warriors so I didn´t want to buy another set. This chariot is therefore scratchbuilt from cardboard. The horses are from the Hat Romans set which carries a weird looking racing chariot (and as you can see the horses are exactly the same as the celts) and the wheels are from the beautiful Nexus´ Egyptian Cavalry set which is an Atlantic reissue. The pole is actually a 25mm ashigaru yari (spear). The driver is a horseman from Italeri´s Celtic Cavalry while the other is from Hat´s set. (LCh)

This is the final chariot. Again, scratchbuilt, egyptian wheels, roman horses, japanese pole 🙂 and Hat´s driver. The javelin guy is the same as the foot General from Italeri´s Cavalry set but his hand was swaped to get rid of the axe. (LCh)

This is a light cavalry element from Italeri´s set. (2Lh)

This one is also from the same set as above, but the rider with the sword is a conversion. His torso is from a foot figure (you can see him in the General on foot element) and his legs are from another figure. (2Lh)

This slinger´s element has two Hat miniatures with hand-made shields. (2Ps)

And last but not least, the warband elements. They are just the bulk of Hat´s set, and a lovely bunch they are. There are five of them. (3Wb)