April 2008

Gladiators are some of the most appealing characters in history, and many a wargamer got into historical games thanks to them. Not my case, but still, I have a fascination for this warriors of old. Their brutal, chaotic and colorful nature contrasts with the organized, heterogeneous and color coded armies of the same time and place.
I try to find gladiator figures, or similar, just for the fun of painting them. I use THW´s Red Sands Blue Sky rules that let you manage your own gladiatorial school, even when playing solitaire!

And this is the fighting arena I built for them.

This is the army so far. It´s based on the original army list found in the Warhammer Ancient Battles rulebook.

This is the General on horseback. I think it´s a really old Essex figure. The cloak is marvelous, and the yellowish white horse was quite a challenge to paint.

Army standard bearer on foot. The standard is from another figure and quite higher than the one that came with the mini.

This is the Tribune. A Junior Officer.

This are six auxiliary archers.

This is the Cohortes Pedites, or auxiliary infantry with spears. Every shield in the army is hand painted. It has a standard bearer.

This is a unit of 12 regular legionnaires with sword and command group. Of course, the handles of the sword in their hips were filed off.

This is the veteran legionnaires unit made of 16 figures with pilum and command group.

This is the Scorpio, a light bolt thrower. I really wanted to add flavor to such a small model, therefore the detailed base.

The Tormenta, a small stone thrower.

These are 28mm celts, based for WAB, using the army list that’s in the original rulebook. Not quite an army yet, but I really enjoy painting these models, so more to come soon.


Warband. I like to make big units for this army, so the first one has no less than 40 warriors!

Skirmishers. A unit of six so far.

This are plastics from the Hasegawa German Infantry set. Nice figures, but nothing great about them. This are the different poses, and in total they are about 25 figures with some unusual accesories (fallen tree trunks).
You can see some riflemen, some with smg´s, a machinegun team and a panzerschreck team. Also notice the weird sitting soldier. And there are two of those!

And this are plastics from Italeri. You can see they are beautiful figures. This is just a bunch of the poses from the set. You can see the CO in the middle. Many more to come I hope.

This is a Sd.Kfz. 251/1 Ausf. C by Italeri. As much as I hate kits without rubber tracks, this kit is really nice. I love kits with figures included, and this kind of light skinned vehicles really needs them.

These are 3 other Sdkfz 251/1, this time resin models with metal figures.

This figures were part of a trade made on TMP. They are metal and well painted, so I only rebased them. They include some machine guns, scout troops, some officers and other specialist troops. Nice painting and figures.

This is my first try at some paratroopers. I painted seven in the first batch just to try and get that nice camo scheme.

A couple of Elefant tank hunters.

This army is based for DBA: New Kingdom Egyptians (I/22b).

This is the army. It´s completely made out of Nexus´ Egyptian Infantry and Egyptian Cavalry sets. They are Atlantic reissues and, not only they are beautiful models but also enough for a great army with chariot runners and everything. I am aware of the poorly made (and researched) chariot wheels, but they are beautiful models nevertheless.

This is the General on light chariot. There isn´t much to say about this army. No conversions needed. The Cavalry set has 6 chariots and that means you have two extra ones (whose wheels I used for my Britons army) (LCh/Gen)

This are the other three light chariots (LCh)

The three blades elements are gorgeous. Lovely models. (4Bd)

For the 3 bow elements you´ll have to work it out a little bit, specially if you want to save models for the chariots. I know this models are the weakest of the sets, but weird poses aren´t that bad. (4Bw)

The warband element really needed to be different from the blades. (3Wb)

And the skirmishers were also in need of bows. I completely ran out of archers. (2Ps)

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